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Recruitment 2018/2019

The Postgraduate School of Molecular Medicine announces a competitive recruitment for 20 fellowships for the program “Next generation sequencing technologies in biomedicine and personalized medicine”. Fellowships are for 4-years, at 2400 PLN/month.
An applicant together with the proposed supervisor should submit electronically a short project with his/her CV, a supervisor CV, including confirmation funding for the project and resources available at a laboratory. Copies of university diploma should be enclosed.

Applications should be submitted to Deadline for submitting applications is August 15, 2018; the successful applicants will be invited for interviews with the Selection Committee on September 17, 2018. The program starts on October 1, 2018.
This program grew out of a need for interdisciplinary training between medicine and the traditional basic science disciplines. Rapid progress in cellular and molecular biology has strongly impacted on medicine, offering emerging insights about the fundamental causes of many diseases. In particular, NGS methodologies can be applied rapidly to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. The trainees in this program are working precisely at this interface between science and medicine. The Ph.D. graduates of the Program will have a rigorous training in scientific research and a thorough knowledge of human biology and human diseases.
Program Structure
• Emerging topics in Molecular and Cellular Medicine
• Molecular Biology and Genomics
• Basics of next generation sequencing and data analyses
• Genetics and Epigenetics
• Signaling Pathways and Regulation
• Cell Structure and Dynamics
• Cellular and Molecular Basis of Disease
• Principles of Immunology and immunotherapy
• Grant Writing and Presentation Skills Workshop
• Introduction to Clinical Research and Drug Development